man woman. No manual entry for woman

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The perfect gift for computer professionals who know their Unix but not their wives.

Written in classic green terminal font, show your old school cool.

This T-Shirt design is ideal for:

  • programmers, software engineers, coders, hackers
  • the geeks and nerds in your life
  • gift for computer science students, university graduates and undergrads, PhDs
  • wearing at open source conferences, game developer conferences, Red Hat Summit, UbuCon, AWS re:Invent, O’Reilly’s Open Source Convention (OSCON) ...
  • local computer enthusiast meetups

About this shirt design:

The command line "man" in Unix/Linux/BSD is the default help, the Manual.

Unfortunately, there is no "woman" command in Unix, so you cannot get help understanding women.

Note that calling the manual on the manual ("man man") will bring the manual of the manual. A bureaucratic manly manual answer that may or may not help.

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