AWK | For Those About To Grok

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The perfect Original gift for those who grok awk.

If you're about to Awk, you rock.

If you grok Awk, we salute you.

This T-Shirt design is ideal for:

  • programmers, software engineers, data scientists, coders, geeks, hackers
  • gift for computer science students, university graduates and undergrads, PhDs
  • wearing at open source conferences, game developer conferences, Red Hat Summit, UbuCon, AWS re:Invent, O’Reilly’s Open Source Convention (OSCON) ...
  • local computer enthusiast meetups

About this shirt design:

This is an original tee from @BZH314

The command line "awk" in Unix/Linux/BSD makes text processing and grokking easy.

If you're about to use Awk on a text file or pipe, you're about to grok that text.

However, Awk can be hard to grok, so those who grok Awk, rock!

This Awk T-Shirt is a reference to the AC/DC hard rock album "For Those About To Rock" released in 1981.

For Those About To Grok, We Salute You!

Yes we do.

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