My Mom got me Turing-tested

Science T-Shirts and Gifts

The perfect gift for baby scientists and Sheldon's offsprings.

This T-Shirt design is ideal for:

  • babies in the scientific community
  • baby shower gift for computer scientists and programmers
  • wearing at your next conference talk about how your video game is turing complete
  • your geeky undergrad children attending college with a science major

About this shirt design:

This is an original tee from @BZH314

The Turing Test is a blind test where the examiner tries to figure out if the hidden person is human, machine, or sheep.

The answer can be very obvious when the subject is Arnold Schwarzenegger

The Turing Test was invented by Alan Turing, who helped crack the German communication coding machine Enigma.

You don't want to have your Turing Test administered by Harrison Ford

Do you dream of eletric sheeps?

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