A weapon to weep on

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The perfect gift for hard core gamers and speedrunners.

How many times did your weapon make you weep?

The ultimate speedrunner t-shirt for your Twitch.tv streams.

Play hard and weep, you'll get better.

Sometimes, serious gaming skills come at the price of sanity.

This Gaming T-Shirt design is ideal for:

  • streaming your speedruns on Twitch.tv
  • gift for gamers, players, speedrunners
  • wearing at gaming conferences
  • LAN parties like it's 1999!

About this shirt design:

This is an original tee from @BZH314

Serious gaming requires skills.

Gaming skills are earned through sweat, blood, tears and weeping on your controller.

In case of extreme frustration, weep on the game controller instead of throwing it at the screen. It saves money and the environment.

Weeping on your controller makes your later yatta moment all the more enjoyable, when you finally beat the hard level the way you wanted (Any%, Low%, 100%, Pacifist, coinless, ...) .

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