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Intersteak | The Highway to Grill T-Shirt

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Look Ma! I'm on the the Highway to Grill!

State your stake in the steak with the Intersteak T-Shirt.

You're the master of the grill, the Bobby Flay of the Interstate, nobody beats your BBQ skills.

What freeway will you take today to join your homies? Interstate I-95? I-90? I-10? I-5?

Coast to coast and border to border, we got you covered with the Intersteak.

Get this unique Barbecue shirt and assert the state of the steak at your next party.

Make a steakment with the world famous Intersteak t-shirt!

This T-Shirt design is ideal for:

  • food lovers
  • grilling masters
  • gift for BBQ ninjas
  • gift for the best cooks in the world (most likely Mom and/or Dad)
  • gift for road warriors: bikers, truckers

About this foodie shirt design:

This is the original Intersteak tee from @BZH314

In the United States, the Interstate is a network of highways initiated by master logistician and President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

You take an Interstate, often intra state, to join your friends for a BBQ party where the main ingredient is often steaks!

Highway to Grill is a reference to the AC/DC hard rock album "Highway to Hell" released in 1979.

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